Our Values

Building community by offering excellent food, wellness, and local products, delivered with superb service. Located in the Gateway to the North Cascades, Sedro-Woolley, WA.

Our mission at the Woolley Market is to do the right thing. We do this by seeking out the freshest, local, organic and traditionally crafted food we can find, offering the highest quality coupled with great value and superb service.

The world of food can be a bewildering maze, with labels and certifications in every direction, each claiming to look out for your health and the environment. The Woolley Market is a locally-owned company operated by experienced people who have spent a lot of time thinking and talking about food, where it comes from, and how it’s grown. That’s why you can trust us to pick out the best food we can find at affordable prices. That’s the Woolley Market commitment to you.

Sometimes labels and certifications are important, especially when food is coming from far away. But what’s more important is knowing that your food is grown by people who care about their land, their plants and animals, and their community, at a scale small enough to do it right. That’s why we source locally whenever we can.

In the Woolley Market Deli, you’ll enjoy our simple, whole ingredients, flavored with fresh herbs and spices. We aim to reintroduce the time-honored concept of seasonal eating, taking advantage of what is abundant and fresh at any given point on the calendar, providing you with great tasting, healthy food like it was in the old days, while supporting our local farm-to-table food economy. It’s about food that you know and love, done right, using the quality ingredients sourced by the food experts at the Woolley Market.

In the Woolley Market Wellness Department, you’ll find nutritional supplements and personal care products to support your health and well-being, selected with the same careful attention that we put into our food. We ensure that our products have a good track record, are free of artificial components, and are not tested on animals. To the extent possible, we look for local products so we can support our community.

We also believe that a community of good people is important to our well-being and health as individuals, and that’s why we strive to make the Woolley Market a vibrant and inviting place to gather with friends and family over good food, drink and music. The Woolley Market is a place to sit a spell and enjoy a craft brew, kombucha or coffee after picking up groceries for your family.

As a Social Purpose Corporation, the Woolley Market was created to do the right thing, now and in the future. Our company charter envisions that the Woolley Market will:

  • Promote a stable, long-term regional food supply by creating new markets for local producers;
  • Encourage consumer transition away from the industrial food system toward healthier, local food;
  • Drive Sedro-Woolley downtown revitalization and vibrancy;
  • Create a more resilient and connected community.

Wholesome food is a strong bond that ties us together, and it is the means by which we will achieve our objectives. We thank you for your support, and look forward to many years of service to the East Skagit County community.